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Everything for all school going champs.  We make you understand the concept clear.




headwalks is a Training / Seminar / Workshop provider for your growth at all levels.



always press for good…

This is a new press online. KnownPress is web2.0 enabled and one for delivering all new information in the field of various sections. Explore it.


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Swine Flu

Do academics play an important role in hiring strategies?

Do you enjoy your work? Why?

What do you love most about your school/college?


WordPress – Kendriya Vidyalaya

How important is a Graduate Degree, designation, or certificates?

Did you work while you were in school?

Grades are really important to me in X and XII.

Need exact information for my board exams.

Learning Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English or Computer Science.

How should we prepare for an interview?

Is grading / percentage really important?

How can i join a good college after my XII?

Part time job while i am in a college.

Difference between a job and a business.

Advantages if i am doing a job after college.

Advantages if i am starting my own business.

Why do i need to care about the others, if i am doing something i like most?

Do i really need a tutor?

When should I start applying for positions and forwarding my resume?

Right Education For Right Career

How to earn while learning?

The Hidden HTML

International Literacy Day


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