kaushal k sharma


i am trying to make most of the things easy. i am holding a simple but important duty towards my society, my environment and my world. i am happy to do this.

i am kaushal k. sharma from noida, india, asia. i am on the way i always dreamed about. i just try to make things easier and simple what everyone needs.

As a professional, i am a mentor with a sufficient qualification i am holding. i am a double post graduate guy. i did my D.I.T, B.I.T, M.Tech-IT and M.B.A-IT. Yes, you must ask, a technical and management kind of guy now on the way to do this.

i feel everything whatever we do or we need is sometimes by nature or surroundings. i really love the technologies and even after wards i wanted to know the term ‘management’. So what in the last, eventually i got the chances to be a part of the most efficient terms in today’s market ‘the technology’ and ‘the management’.

But there is also an another flap of my life. i use to mentor. i want everything perfect so, i must initiate to make it as we all want. That’s it.


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