kaushal k sharma


In order to get hands-on training, Delhi University’s BEd students will now have to teach in government schools for a year as part of their internship. This is the latest such tie-up by the university tie-ups are already in place for 26 programmes. 

The government had approved the proposal and the directorate of education (DoE), in consultation with DU, is preparing the memorandum of understanding as well as the modalities of the collaboration. 

This is a good move, like students pursuing professional programmes undergo industry training during their studies, BEd students also need similar training and we think government schools would be the best place for a teacher to understand the complexities of the profession. Most students in these schools are from economically weaker sections and are first-time learners.’ 

Apart from a monthly stipend, the students on completion of the teaching assignments would also get a trainee certificate. The Delhi University is working on the proposal. The government in principle had approved it and final modalities would be ready in a few days. 

This is a welcome move by the Delhi University and will help the BEd students immensely. This move will not only help the BEd students in getting a practical exposure of teaching and educational environment but will also provide them with an opportunity to earn while they learn. The monthly stipend will help the students with financially weak background to earn the much needed money for their education and future growth. 

It would be good if the Delhi University can come up with similar programs for students of other courses. On the job training while studying not only provides the students with an opportunity to earn a little but also provides them the much needed exposure.


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